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Artist: さ

djspear asked:
Babe <3

hehe hi honey bear<3

Am I at peace?
I guess I’m not very sure anymore,
I should demand my subconscious to give me back the life I want,
But it seems as though I thrive here.
This bitter darkness follows me..
It’s always raining-
At least, in my mind it is.
I want to be alone though. this I know.
Just the same as my adolescence.
I would hide in my closet often, from my mother’s narcissistic rage fits.
I used to cry a lot, because I wasn’t sure why I existed. I also wasn’t sure why I was crying, I mean, the lust and curiosity for death was consuming..
So maybe I don’t need to exist anyway.
I would imagine I was the only kid on the planet, limited to a single small room.
Though, it’s an uneasy feeling- like the way rain can dissolve the walls you’ve built against your emotions
I’m much older now though, I have responsibilities to maintain a suitable image for a successful life.
Of course there is no room for emotions, we all work too hard to fall away so easily.
And this is where I’m so sure I’ve got it all figured out.
I can pretend as if it’s second nature.. I’ve made peace with my demons and we all live within my minds darkest corners.

It’s funny how even years later I find tranquility in lonely places.